This is where we post links and a brief description of our favorite sites.  The sites are either related to the applications we use most or educational websites that provide great materials. Most of our recommendations will be content based, related to the courses we teach.

Application Related Sites:

Adblock Plus – The First Companion to Firefox … This Add-on to Firefox is one thing you cannot do with IE.   Keep those annoying ads out of your classroom. You can also get it at Firefox Addons.

English-Japanese Dictionary - Monash University – Super light and easy to use even on your mobile or smart phone. Japanese-English Dictionary too.

Education and Materials Related Sites

The Story of Stuff – International Version – This site now has Japanese subtitles. Just click on the English version, wait until after the intro screen and when part one loads, you can click on the SUB link on the top right to switch to Japanese and English among others. Even if the video is paused!

The McLibal Trial – History - This site has great resources relevant for studying the issue of fast food in our culture.